Give Joy this Christmas

Here are some of the ways your gift can make an extra special difference to ordinary people hearing the extraordinary Christmas story.


Haiti Lilavois CESLA School Teacher Fund

Meet Marie Claire- the principal of CESLA elementary school in Lilavois, Haiti and her teachers. They educate 250 students age 3-14.
Over 50% of the population of Haiti earn below US$2.41 a day. 2.5 million people live below the extreme poverty line of US$1.12 a day. This worsened in 2019 and 2020 with political instability and COVID-19.
Investing in the training and salaries of these uniquely shaped CESLA schoolteachers is an investment towards changing the trajectory of the nation and her children. Your ordinary gift can have an extraordinary impact.

Give today to impact forever!

*US$50 per month will provide focussed training for 3 teachers

*Ten gifts of US$17 per month will provide the salary of 1 teacher for 1 year

*Ten one-time gifts of US$20 will go toward daily sanitation measures to keep these extraordinary staff and students safe from COVID-19

Haiti Lilavois CESLA School Student Fund

This is Peterson, a 7-year-old student at CESLA School in Lilavois, Haiti. His father upholsters furniture and his mom was laid off by a large poultry producer in 2019 when the continued civil unrest made production untenable. They raise a few chickens and sell the birds and the eggs to try to supplement their income, but things are tight financially. Peterson enjoys school and wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His parents are thankful that their son can get a good education but struggle with the school fee and other living expenses. The CESLA School has very low fees to maximise enrollment. Peterson and his classmates are uniquely created by God and with your help can accomplish extraordinary things for Him!

They are uniquely shaped!

* US$21 per month will pay the school fee for 1 child

* US$40 per month will pay the school fee and food for 1 child

* US$55 per month will take care of 1 child’s full living expenses

Albania Mercy Ministry

OM missionaries in Albania see the unique group of Roma people as least reached, often ignored by society. The Mercy Ministry provides opportunities for people from the Roma community to discover their self-worth, dignity, and value in Jesus, as well as to provide skills training for them to use for work now or in the future. God has a special plan for these missionaries and placed a team in a new town, Vlora, among the Roma people to spread His good news. Your gift will help this team as they prepare for this ministry. Its impact can change ordinary people into extraordinary disciples of Jesus Christ!

They are uniquely shaped!

* Ten gifts of US$28 per month will provide rent and food for a single missionary

* Ten gifts of US$20 per month will pay for travel expenses for the OM team as they share Jesus in this town

* Ten gifts of US$10 per month will provide outreach materials to use for Roma families

Zambia Fishers of Men Community Transformation

There are 1.5 million people living on the banks of Lake Tanganyika, most of them in remote fishing villages. OM’s Fishers of Men Community Transformation Program has been sending indigenous missionaries to fishing villages, to build relationships and train and disciple fishermen. Some of them are then sent out to other fishing villages as missionaries. God has uniquely created these fishermen to go spread the good news to others. Like Peter, James, and John, your gift can take an ordinary fishermen and turn him into a fisher of men for Christ!

Help create Fishers of Men!

* US$15 per month will help provide discipleship training to Christian fishermen and their wives

 * US$60 per month will benefit OM’s general Mission Discipleship Training in Zambia, where participants gain mentoring, cross-cultural community life,and ministry experience

OM Caribbean Global Mission Fund

With this fund, we strive to establish a vibrant community of Jesus followers within reach of EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. The Global Mission Fund is used to assist Caribbean missionaries around the world where needed, as well as to help fund our mobilisation teams across the Caribbean. God delights in using His ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary purposes- your gift makes this possible!

Ordinary people called to accomplish the extraordinary!

* US$10 per month will help provide transportation for the teams

* US$25 per month will help with utilities and office expenses

* US$35 will help supplement under-supported Caribbean missionaries

Logos Hope Ship

OM’s ship, Logos Hope recently celebrated her 50th anniversary of ministry. Though the crew didn’t envision celebrating this occasion during a pandemic, it hasn’t changed their faith in God or their confidence that He will provide. Vital revenue streams onboard have been impacted by the pandemic, specifically the bookfair, which closed six months ago, and crew support contributions, which have drastically decreased. God has specifically and purposefully placed each crewmember onboard Logos Hope as they carry out His purpose in the world! An ordinary gift can make an extraordinary impact during a time of financial uncertainty for this ministry.

Purposefully placed onboard!

* US$30 per month will benefit undersupported crew, whose supporters have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to continue previous levels of support


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