Pray for the Caribbean

Across the Caribbean

Our OM Teams across the region

  • Intentional efforts to build prayer circles
  • Team resources
  • Flexibility to pivot to online church connections
  • Continued Mobilisation initiatives
  • The ongoing 7 week zoom missions discipleship course- Mandate.

The health and economic impact of Covid 19 

  • For sustainable streams of income outside of tourism.
  • The acquisition and roll-out of vaccines.
  • For the churches as they navigate online services and ministries.
  • The children falling behind in schools as the technological gap highlights the huge income disparities.
  • Safe reopening of schools and other services.
  • For Barbados

    For the economy and wisdom for the government re the vaccine roll-out.
    That the church will be bold in sharing the gospel and encouraging the congregatons to say yes to bringing in the harvest.

  • For Guyana

    The country:
        Peaceful resolution for our border issues.
        Unity amongst the races, political leaders.
        Peace amongst our people.
        Equal opportunities for all.

    The Body of Christ:
        Unity in the Christian Community.
        Christian Leaders and Christians
        Spiritual Revival
        Growth of the churches (numerical & Spiritual)

    The friends of OM and the OM working committee members.

  • For The Dutch Caribbean

    The ecomomies and political dynamics of the different islands.
    The ongoing succesful roll-out of the Coronavirus vaccine.
    Thanks for a new country leader and pray for her strength, enthusiam and vigor as she guides the mobilisation effort.
    The Logos Hope, currently under going annual maintenance in Curaçao, for direction re the ship's ministry in these trying times.
    The many meetings with church leaders and OM alumni and opportunities to share about the status of the unrecahed and world missions
    The OM working committees across the islands and their commitment to and support of our mobilisation efforts.

  • For Jamaica

    The country, the leaders of government, the church leaders and the still enduring high crime rate.
    That God would raise up missions minded churches locally.
    More staff and volunteers for the OM Jamaica team.
    12 people will say yes this year to committing to global missions and being sent globally with the Gospel.
    The 5 missionaries from Jamaica serving around the world with OM, pray for their continued strength and foundation in God as He works through them.
    Pray that Jamaican missionaries around the world would be financially supported.

  • For Haiti

    The deepening economic and political crisis and the continued protests.
    The principal, teachers and students of OM's affiliated school in the nations capital of Port-au-Prince.
    One young lady sent by OM, now as serving globally; her doors to open regarding her future plans, for financial provision and that she will keep walking in the centre of God's Will.
    For past missionaries and their impact on the local church.
    For the local church as it prioitises both local outreach and the need to give of their people and resources to getting the gospel to the ends of the earth.
    For favour from the authorities to grant visas for future nationals seeking to serve globally.
    For the shunning of voodoo practices and beliefs and for total submission to Jesus alone.


  • For St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    The La Soufrière volcano has erupted. Pray for wisdom for the up to 20,000 evacuated in the red and orange zones.
    The shelter managers and the team of volunteers as they offer compassionate care to the evacuees.
    The efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of food, water and other distributions. Thanks for the many organisations that are helping,
    The widespread vaccine hesitancy. The need for continued Covid-19 protocols including social distancing in the shelters.
    Schools are being used for shelters and teachers are volunteering in the shelters. Please pray for the Ministry of Education and the teachers as they plan for alternatives to enable resumption of education
    The many who lost property because of the volcano and the heavy rainfall that caused Lahar Flows and flooding on 29 Apr 2021.
    OM's Psychosocial training and activities with children in shelters

  • For The Bahamas

    For NEMA and the government as they continue rebuilding Abaco and Grand Bahama after the devastation from Hurricane Dorian.
    For the displaced people who are still without permanent homes.
    For a church team planning to visit in March 2021 to assist in the restructuring effort.
    For OM's local mobilising team and their increased usage of the internet to coordinate team activities and to mobilise the local church.
    For 1 new missionary who recently went to South Asia for Mission Discipleship training and ministry.
    That local missionaries serving globally will be strengthened and encouraged with fruit from their labours
    The alumini and volunteers. Thank Jesus for a great time of in-person fellowship in March 2021.
    Upcoming training with volunteers starting in April 2021.
    Opportunities to continue strengthening and building relationships with the local church.

  • For Trinidad and Tobago

    Continued wisdom for the government of Trinidad and Tobago in handling the COVID 19 virus.
    Church services are shorter which means less/no time for missionaries to present and share their work to churches, pray for opportunities for the missionaries and open doors.
    The 4 new recruits serving onboard the Logos Hope (book ship) from T&T , pray they settle well into their new environment and continue to seek God in this new season.
    The 3 additional people presently building their support team in order to attain their budgets for the countries where they will serve.
    The 17 people in the last Zoom connect meeting who indicated they want to go with OM in global missions.
    That Trini missionaries around the world would be financially supported.
    The local mobilizing team as the continue to engage technology and find creative ways to share about the need for global missions.