##FULL## Hope of Israel Summer 2020 (2 week option)

To bring the Gospel to the various people groups of Israel—Romans 1:16.

You will be challenged to draw closer to God as you trust Him to show you how to share your faith with the various people groups that inhabit the Land of Israel. This includes Jewish people (the whole spectrum from secular to traditional to ultra-orthodox), Arabic-speaking peoples (both Muslims and nominal Christians), and others, among them visitors to Israel from all over the world. Emphasis is on team building and a variety of outreach activities as a group. You will work in conjunction with our OM Israel short and long-term staff.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Sun 28 Jun 2020 to Sun 12 Jul 2020
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1264.00 USD
18 - 65
Ministry details

The projects will be varied but may include literature campaigns, conversation outreaches in public places, creative events involving worship, day camp counselors, plus practical work and mercy ministry involving the homeless, addicted, immigrants and others. Many of the details will be decided close to the commencement of the program, so as to take advantage of unique witnessing opportunities that will arise.

Participant profile

The key quality is to be flexible, as things change all the time in Israel! Applicants need to be team players with servant hearts, considerate of others, and should be able to cope with a good deal of walking and lots of steps in a hot and humid climate.


Accommodation at times is basic, mostly in Youth Hostel type lodging.


Communal preparation of meals, as well as shopping and clean up. Occasional sack lunches and meals out should be expected.


Fly into Tel Aviv and continue to Kiryat Tivon by public train.


Must be able to navigate lots of steps, hills, and walking distances.


Usually, three-month tourist visa granted upon arrival to the country. For more details please look up this page: http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Pages/Visas.aspx


Married couples are welcome in this program. Please note the accommodation information above, although there may be some possibility for a private rooms at additional cost.
Russian, French, Spanish, and Romanian speakers are very welcome but the main communicating language in the team is English.

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