OM Vinnitsa Easter Puppet Show Village Outreach

To share the Gospel message of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with children and adults in Ukrainian villages in the Vinnitsa state. This is the first step of three in a program designed to assist village churches establish a self sustaining children’s ministry.

Through our exciting, fast paced, fun, Gospel themed puppet show, you will get to use your spiritual gifting to share the message of Jesus death and resurrection with children and adults in Ukrainian villages.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Sat 9 Apr 2022 to Sun 1 May 2022
Apply by
Sun 9 Jan 2022
1109.00 USD
18 - 60
Ministry details

Each day you will travel to a different Ukrainian village and participate in the puppet show. You will assist in setting up all of the equipment, you will have a role in the puppet show, and you will have an opportunity to share your spiritual gifting with the children and adults present. All training required for operating the puppets is provided, no previous experience necessary. We sing songs, play games and share the message of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Be prepared for a very active and fast paced day.

Participant profile

All ages are welcome to attend this ministry, although the puppet show will require participants to be on their knees and in a crouched position for up to half an hour. There is also a fair amount of lifting and carrying equipment, as well as set up of that equipment, and various supplies necessary for the puppet show. We love to have people with various talents, especially musical talent participate with us. Gender is not important for this ministry. You do not need to speak Russian or Ukrainian in order to fully participate in this ministry.


Most nights will be spent in the OM house in Vinnitsa. Bunk beds in a dorm style room, bed linens and towels are provided. For families, we have larger private rooms. The house has full bathrooms on each floor, along with laundry facilities. Occasionally we will travel to a location that is too far to return on the same day. In that case, you will spend the night in the home of a local family, and also be provided with a bed in their home.


When we have groups, we will hire a cook to prepare meals, and snacks. If we have a single person come, we will purchase whichever food the participant wishes (within the set budget), and they will be given space in the refrigerator as well as fridge space, and they will prepare their own meals. We can ensure that any special dietary needs the person has, are met.


Participants must travel to Kiev-Boryspil (KBP) or Kiev-Zhulyany (IEV). They will be met by an OM Vinnitsa team member and taken to Vinnitsa either in an OM Vehicle (groups), or by train (individuals). The cost of transportation from the airport on arrival and to the airport for departure are included in the budget amount.


Participants should be in good health, and able to do lifting and carrying equipment, setting up equipment, taking it down and decorating the puppet theatre, as well as being on your knees for several minutes and bending and crouching over, during the puppet show. Please bring Personal medications in their original packaging. If you require anything that is hypo-allergenic, ie pillow, you need it along. Ukraine, unfortunately, is not a country that is well suited for people with disabilities.


People from the EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan do not need a visa for visiting Ukraine up to 90 days.
Since 04 April 2018 foreigners-holders of passports of 44 specified countries* may apply for Ukraine’s electronic visa (e-Visa). see
People from other nationalities have to apply for and obtain a visa. BEFORE leaving your home country. You will need a single entry visa for Ukraine. Ask at the consulate in your home country what is needed to obtain the visa. If you need an invitation letter, we can get this to you but please allow 2 months (By October 23) for this to be obtained and sent to you. We need full passport info, home address, church and church address info to get the invitation letter for you.
You will then need to hand the invitation letter, the application and any other required documents to the consulate to receive the visa. Invitation and Visa costs are not included in the campaign and must be paid separately.


Even though there will be translators, please do not expect you own personal translator. Be prepared for frustration with language and to be creative in finding ways to communicate.

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