Choosing life

written by Julie Knox

Parents-to-be were encouraged by a team from Logos Hope, as crewmembers visited a pro-life support group in Bridgetown.

Three pregnant young women, two mothers of newborns and one expectant father attended the meeting of Unborn Justice – the island’s only Christian-run charity offering help to those who face unplanned pregnancies and choose to keep their babies.

An all-female team from the ship was asked to deliver training on awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS. The volunteers performed a drama which brought to life how the virus progresses through the body; attacking white blood cells and leaving the host defenceless against other illnesses. Justin Callender, who is preparing to be a father for the second time in a year, was engrossed in the drama sketch. “It showed the issue in a really understandable way,” he told the crew.

The crewmembers shared their perspectives on sexual purity as the best way to protect against infection and spoke of the biblical basis for waiting until marriage. They also pointed the group to God’s heart of love and acceptance for all His children and prayed with those facing the challenge of parenthood without the support of a partner or wider family unit.   

It was the first time Renske Maasland (Netherlands) had visited such a centre. “I was quite shocked, as someone who has just turned 20, to see kids my age already having two children by two different fathers. In some way, that could have been me or it could be one of my friends,” she said. “They have taken the brave decision to choose life, and it made me think about what I would do in their situation and what I could do for others.”

Kamille Martindale, a church youth worker, started Unborn Justice three years ago, along with two friends. So far, the group has assisted Barbadian parents in the birth of 13 babies who may otherwise have been aborted. Kamille explained, “We are here for them all the way. We deliver a comprehensive programme of classes and talks to prepare them before the birth, and we can help with baby food, clothing and ongoing support. It’s wonderful to see the little ones thrive and the parents grow in confidence. No one regrets their decision in choosing life.”

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Crewmembers act out a drama to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.

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