Do you love to listen to people's stories, build relationships and speak into people's situations? This role of people care is to be a person within our team who is focused on the mental and emotional well being of the team members and to give counseling if needed. We seek a person with a great love for their fellow Christians, and who desires to assist, counsel and provide spiritual care for our missionaries as they serve God in this country.


Your tasks:

  • provide debriefing, relationship building, training advice as needed
  • counsel and provide spiritual care for our missionaries
  • Offer advice and support in crisis and conflict situations for team members or leaders
  • Partake in cooperation and exchange with other people care personnel worldwide
  • Maintain contact with personnel in-country and abroad
  • Provide (appropriate) input for the field/team leaders regarding how individual people on the field are doing.
  • Provide advice to field/team leaders on general trends or people care issues on the field/team. Identify gaps in people care and suggest changes. Give input to guide leaders in good practice in people care on our field
  • Keep regular communication with team leaders becoming aware of their own and their team members' needs

Professional training in counseling or pastoral care would be very helpful.

This is not a paid position, support will need to be raised for life on the field.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Mentoring and Discipleship, Caring for people, Resourcing, Minister

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