Now is the time for you to become a missionary. How will God use you? What will your story be?

"Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples..." Matt 28:19a

Short-Term Mission Trips

Short-term missions offers you missions opportunities and training varying in length from one week to six months. Throughout the year OM hosts 250 outreaches in 50 countries all over the globe. Do you want to learn to be a follower of Jesus? Do you want to participate in the Great Commission? Come along and experience it for yourself!

Missions Discpleship Training

We have bible based programs from 5 to 12 months in  countries around the world e.g. Germany, Moldova, Nepal, Romania, South Africa and UK. Learn how to live with, minister, mentor and disciple people from different cultures. The programs are very practical with many opportunities to audibly share the Good news of a presonal relationship with Jesus. Interestingly, you will find that you can't out give God. The more you serve Him and share His love, the more your confidence and faith in Jesus grows.

Long-Term Missionary Service

Do you want to share your faith with people from another culture? Become a part of a vibrant local community of Jesus followers! OM can guide you through the process in finding that place where God can use you and your unique gifting.

I'm Flexible

Are you still not sure about your fit? OM has ministries in 110 countries that urgently need people of all skill sets. Carpentry, Accounting, Administration, Legal, Culinary, Engineering, Hospitality, Evangelism, Youth Ministry… and the list goes on. We also have short-term ministries. Tell us what God has placed on your heart and/or your areas of interest and we will journey with you to see your fit.