True worship

written by OM International

The worship service began with the room almost empty. A few of the staff at the Pristina Arts Camp had gathered in an upstairs classroom, with a keyboard, guitar and hand-drum, to sing songs to their Saviour. But as hardly any of the 35 young participants were believers in Jesus, would any of them join?

In June 2013, OM’s Pristina team in Kosovo, in cooperation with Creative Arts Europe, ran its second annual Arts Camp, where trainings were offered in dance, acting, instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, beat-boxing and more. The camp’s few days were packed with workshops and talent shows, but the optional worship service on the second evening provided a window into the spiritual foundation that feeds the artistic vision—a time to praise the Creator for all He’s done.

While the OM worship team prepared for the worship evening, they noticed a group of participants—some believers and some non-believers—engaged in a spiritual conversation. Before beginning the time of music, the team prayed for the conversation happening in the other room. Twenty minutes after the worship started, the same group of young people drifted in. Soon all but two had left, but they remained rooted to their seats.

One of them, Fadil*, a confident, intelligent youth, who speaks several languages, spent most of the service just watching, mesmerized.

“He looked overwhelmed, but also touched by what was happening, and just sat listening to the music,” shared Vincent*, a member of the OM Pristina team. When the service finished, Fadil commented to Vincent, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life.”

It sparked many questions in Fadil’s mind about the differences between Islam and being a follower of Jesus. The next night, one of the believers at the camp had a deep spiritual conversation with Fadil that lasted for hours.

“This guy heard a clear gospel message, although he has not yet chosen to follow Jesus himself,” said Vincent.

The other person who stayed at the worship service was high school student, Lali*. As she sat listening, Lali began to cry. Then she stood up and walked behind the worship team so that she could look over their shoulders and see the music and words. She then began to sing along with the songs, joining the group in giving glory to God. At the end of the camp, Lali shared with a believer that the worship night was the most important part of the camp for her.

Two weeks later, the OM Pristina team bumped into Lali in her home city of Peja. Working with OM Arts and the Jon Simpson Band, OM was staging a concert in the central plaza. When the concert was almost rained out, and the band was forced to play under the shelter of a tree, one of the few faithful listeners was Lali. She and her sister, who was also at the camp, were excited to reconnect with the OM team members.

Pray that Lali and Fadil, and the other youth who attended the camp, would respond in real worship to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. To read about what else God is doing through OM Kosovo, see their news page

*Name changed

Youth and teachers collaborate on singing acts for the talent shows.

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