Live out love to your neighbours and you could live out love to the world

Once the sender of missionaries to the world, Europe is now a continent where the Church is shrinking. But, there are still open doors to share the gospel with Europeans and a growing immigrant population throughout the continent.

Stories from Europe

With his band, Bill Drake has toured in Hungary 15 times. The messages in his songs and the testimonies shared during concerts point audiences to hope found in Christ alone. Photo by Photo-guy / Guy Williams.
Every summer, Bill Drake tours with his international band in Hungary, where the themes in his songs resonate with people struggling to find hope.
Stamps in your passport show your progress on the Camino de Santiago as you share the Good News with pilgrims.  
Photo by Julia
El Camino de Santiago isn’t just for nature lovers, hike enthusiasts and those passionate about the historically religious pilgrimage. It's also for Jesus followers looking to share the gospel.