Reading God's Word.

A new Bible course is being produced in several languages for believers in hard-to-reach regions.

In 2023, MediaWorks collaborated with its partner to create a Bible course in multiple languages, specifically for believers from a Muslim background. This course will be available in print and digital formats as it seeks to support teams serving people groups in hard-to-reach regions. With 40 lessons, the course covers key stories in the Bible while addressing cultural issues from a biblical perspective, as well as discussion questions with answers at the end. This structure allows for both young and mature believers to continue growing in their faith and sharing His truth with others.

Currently, MediaWorks has completed the graphics and layouts for some of the language editions while other editions are still in the design, editing and printing process. As we continue to undertake such a large project, pray for God to continue equipping those working on finishing the different language editions. Pray for those who would receive the completed course, that God gives them grace to facilitate these Bible studies with those who desire to know Him. Pray also that Jesus followers will receive a good biblical foundation through the course and that God will give them courage and protection.

Recently, a few lessons from the course were tested by our partners in several countries to assess their effectiveness in filling the need for in-depth Bible studies. Various ministry partners have given feedback and expressed gratitude for having the sample lessons and the desire to have more courses.

“I am sincerely grateful for this Bible course, which has become a valuable resource for our spiritual growth. We are incredibly impressed that the course was able to make complex concepts more understandable and gave us a deeper understanding of the Holy Scripture. As we continue to study the Bible, we look forward to additional materials like this course.”

“We'll be studying the first lesson with our potential leaders so that they can then teach it in other groups, so it’s very timely to have the updated versions.”

“This course is well structured and well written and overall, it’s easily comprehensible for a wide range of people. It has lots of helpful explanations, sufficient repetition built in, and an appropriate amount of homework and questions that aid in memorisation and learning. We trust it will be very effective if it is spread throughout this vast land where there are scores and scores of groups that could use it.”

“I pray that more courses are written because through these lessons we are already learning how to read the Bible properly.”

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