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Missionary work

  1. R55346

    German-speaking schoolteacher

    Use your teaching diploma to support church planting in an unreached area. You’ll be working with a couple of German-speaking families, overseeing the education of their elementary and middle-school-aged children. In your free time you’ll have the opportunity to learn a new language, make friends with locals and see the birth of the church in this remote region.

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  2. Branch Director for rural community development NGO in rural Central Asia

    A branch director in our NGO works in a leadership team with the OM team leader of the district and ensures quality development work while staying true to our integral mission calling.

    Areas of responsibilities are: management of local staff, project planning and proposal writing, management of branch finances, mentoring and encouraging local staff and partners, relating to district governments and taking care of branch registration and administration.

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  3. Media Administration Coordinator

    We are looking for a tech-savvy person to help us tell stories from the frontier. We are looking for someone to redesign our website for maximum impact and also help us develop useful media tools that will communicate effectively to raise awareness and mobilize workers and resources.

    Also have some managerial skills to help with office admin tasks.

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  4. Personal Assistant to the Field Leader

    Field Vision: We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus Followers among the least reached.

    Responsible to: Field Leader (and Field Leadership Team)

    Department Vision:

    To lead the Tajikistan field in devotion to God extending leadership through the WACA regional / field and country leaders.

    Position Goal:

    To see the Field Leader successful in providing leadership to OM Tajikistan.


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  5. Personnel Administrator

    Main Function: Should be able To promote and facilitate excellence in Tajikistan’s overall placement, management, training and care of personnel and the implementing of OM personnel policy and practice in the Tajik Field.

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  6. Recruiting Officer

    Purpose of this position: To facilitate an increase in the number of recruits joining Tajikistan field.

    Working Relationships:  Position falls under the Field Personnel Department and will  report to the Field Leader and WACA Personnel Officer. Other close working relationships include the ACO, WACA FPO’s, Field Short-Term Coordinators and relevant Sending Field personnel

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  7. Technical Coordinator for Special Educational Needs (S)

    - Come alongside national staff, evaluating  work, advise in projects and seek to improve education s for pupils with learning disabilities.

    -Upgrade skills of national field staff.

    -Identifying, advising on and providing training in best practice in supporting people with learning disabilities.

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  8. Personnel Coordinator (S)

    -Provide leadership for both expatriate and Afghan personnel functions to promote good practice in staff recruitment and retention of staff.

    -Oversee the recruitment, placement and orientation of expatriate personnel.

    -Maintain adequate staffing levels to ensure the organization can carry out its work effectively.

    -Provide a welcoming environment for newcomers.

    -Improve skills and efficiency of  Personnel Department and  relationships with home agencies.

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  9. Community Development Technical Advisor (S)

    Advise the existing Community Development Projects in three regions.

    Support the national staff doing the day to day field work.

    Bring new ideas into the existing structure for future growth and toward sustainability.

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  10. Field Leader


    We are passionate about seeing Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers (VCJFs) among the Least Reached in Tajikistan.

    As a field we long to see a movement of culturally relevant, lay led, heart language, multiplying fellowships among the Central Asians of this land. Already we are encouraged to see second generations of communities of Jesus followers but we long for more Central Asians to gather and worship Jesus. These peoples are hospitable, love music, dance and dance.

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