Uvedená data pro jednotlivé příležitosti nemusí zohledňovat současná cestovní omezení, případně zdravotní doporučení, s ohledem na COVID-19, platná pro tvoji zemi.

Train and equip Jesus followers with a heart for the MENA region and her peoples.

This programme is meant to be a steppingstone into further ministry among the least-reached peoples from the MENA region and among immigrants in the Diaspora.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
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Fri 1 Sep 2023 to Sat 23 Nov 2024
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Sat 3 Jun 2023
2500.00 USD
18 - 90
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This 12-week short-term exposure programme helps Jesus-followers become disciples who make disciples within a MENA context. The training is practical and interactive with time dedicated to travelling in a pre-determined Central North African country.

Profil účasníka

We are looking for trainees who are well grounded in their Christian faith and have
already undergone basic discipleship training either in their home church, at a Bible
school or another discipleship training programme.


Sharing rooms local apartments/ hostels.


Meals will be in team groups in team accommodation and at local restaurants.
If you have any special needs (allergies not likes/dislikes), please communicate.

Please Note: Central North African food is spicy.


North Central Africa: Please contact your local office.

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Víza a cestovní doklady

North Central Africa: Please contact your local office.


Please note that we have a 16 week option as well.

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