##FULL## January Go Conference 2020 - Volunteer

The purpose of the conference is to orientate all new workers before they go out to their different places of ministry. Without your help this conference is not going to happen!

Come and serve at a conference that is sending out new workers into OM. You will be blessed and inspired by encounters with people of all ages and nationality. You will learn about missions opportunities and be challenged in your own walk with God.

Singles sind willkommen
Sorry, no married couples
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Mo. 20 Jan. 2020 bis So. 2 Feb 2020
Sa. 11 Jan. 2020
0.00 EUR
18 - 75

Although there is lots of work in various departments, there are also opportunities to join in the programme and learn about missions. Volunteers are needed in different departments: Cleaning, Transport, the Kids Program, Kitchen, Dish Washing, Dining Room, Snack Bar.


- physically fit
- willingness to serve

  • flexible

You will be accommodated in the German home office, which is also the conference centre.


Food is provided during the whole time.

An- und Abreise

Everyone must organize and pay for their own travel to the conference centre. The final train station is "Mosbach West", which is on the opposite site of the conference centre. You can book your flight to "Frankfurt Airport" which is two hours away from Mosbach or fly into "Stuttgart Airport", which is the same distance as Frankfurt.


Need to be able to work 6-8 hour days. Be aware to be on your feet the whole day!


Check with your local OM office.


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