Schön, dass Du den Weg zu uns gefunden hast! Du interessierst Dich für einen Kurzeinsatz oder Deine bisherigen Pläne für einen Einsatz im Ausland klappen nicht? Dann bist Du bei uns richtig. Komm mit uns mit zu einem Kurzeinsatz in Deutschland. Wir freuen uns von Dir zu hören! Dein Kurzeinsatz-Team

The English Language and Cultural Opportunities (ELCO) programme equips people interested in Christian mission with effective English language communication skills. There will be a range of English classes and mission training sessions which will be conducted online this time.

ELCO is aimed at those people who sense a call from God to engage in missions. On successful completion of the programme you will be able to communicate in English for everyday life, on an international English speaking mission team and tell other people the good news about Jesus.

You will be part of a group of English students from around the world, learning about English and mission for about 20 hours over 5 days a week. Lessons are taught at Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels by well qualified English language teachers. Small class sizes allow lots of personal help from teachers. Other sessions are taught by people experienced in mission and ministry. Our teachers will help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, also developing your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. When you finish the programme you will be much more confident and capable of communicating in English.

Singles sind willkommen
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Mo. 28 Sep 2020 bis Fr. 18 Dez 2020
Application closed
530.00 EUR
18 -

Activities include:

  • Interactive English lessons
  • English progress and proficiency tests
  • English and cultural assignments
  • Individual tutorials with teachers
  • Conversation groups
  • Mission and ministry skills training sessions
  • Bible studies, prayer and worship
  • Developing personal friendships
  • Talking about your faith

The first week will include introductions and beginning the teaching then there will be 5 weeks of teaching to 6th November. There will then be 1 week free. A further 5 weeks of teaching will then start on 16th November.


This is a training programme in a mission context specifically for those interested in joining Christian mission or already planning to join OM
or another mission agency. We are not a Christian language school. Before being accepted on ELCO you will be tested to check that you have a basic understanding of English and can have a simple conversation. If you cannot speak basic English the classes will be too difficult for you to understand. We cannot take beginners.


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Any health concerns will be discussed prior to acceptance.




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