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Sharing the Message of Hope in the City


We want to glorify Christ and reach the lost, especially among immigrants, by bringing together many believers annually to proclaim the gospel in Berlin.

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When: 14-18 April 2022

Price:  215€ + local admin fee

Registration Deadline: 31.03.2022

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Throughout the event we aim to be COVID safe and keep in line with all government regulations.

Why Berlin

Berlin is full of immigrants from the Middle East, many of whom unfortunately think that because the old traditional churches are usually empty, that the Christian faith must be dying. In cooperation with various fellowships in Berlin, especially Turkish and Arabic speaking fellowships, we aim to glorify God by joyfully demonstrating that faith in Jesus is alive and well, that the Holy Spirit works in power in today's Berlin, and that peoples from every tribe and tongue are finding forgiveness and joy and eternal life in the risen Christ.

Outreach Description

During our four days in Berlin we want to take you into the Easter story. Everything we want to share on the street must first catch fire within us. Together we will look at the passion of Jesus and celebrate the victory over sin, death and the devil. This freedom we have gained through Jesus Christ is to be made known to all people. We will train you in evangelism, offer workshops to help you grow in different areas, and experience spiritual fellowship and growth in small groups.

Prayer for Berlin

Pray for:

Pray that God would raise up more believers to serve either full-time, part-time or on a volunteer basis among the Muslim immigrants of Berlin, especially in Neukölln.

Pray for long-term solutions for young immigrants who want to believe in Jesus but have difficulties with getting settled and beginning productive lives here.

Pray for a spiritual breakthrough for Christ among the Turkish-speakers of Europe, similar to what we've seen among Iranians.


"It was a really good and blessed time! I was able to learn a lot during the week. Actually I wanted to gift others with the ministry and in the process I was gifted with such valuable experiences from God myself! :)"

Lucille, Berlin-Outreach Summer 2021

"Our prayer time and experience storytime in the team always impressed me very much. I was always thrilled anew when I could talk to people who were looking for more of God. There is so much potential in reaching out to people: People are happy to be seen; it gives me a different look when I walk through the city."

Merle, Berlin-Outreach Summer 2021


Where will we be sleeping?

We will all be staying at the 3 Little Pigs Hostel. Rooms will be shared between 4, 6 or 8 people.

What is involved in the cost?

The cost includes accommodation, food, transport in Berlin and a conference fee. Your local OM office will add an amount of admin fee. This depends on the country you are coming from.

Which meals are involved?

All meals will be provided from the Evening meal on the 14th through breakfast 18th.

How do I register?

You register through our "Registration Form" with some basic information. We will forward your registration to your local OM office. They will then take care of rest, such as legal things necessary in your current living country. In some countries this will take a bit more of effort, as you have to go through some screening as well.

Arrival Info

Please come to EFG Hasenheide, a local german church based in Neukölln.

What about Covid?

The local Covid-19 regulation will be implemented. We will continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to cancel the outreach.

Do I have to bring bed linen/towels?

The hostel is proving bedding. You just need to bring your own towels. Bedding is also covered in the costs.

What will we be doing?

Share the love of Jesus through various activities and eat a lot of delicious Döner!

Do I need to get a Visa?

Please check this with your local OM office. They can help and support you in this matter.

You want a glimps of how outreaches in Berlin could look?

Check out www.godloves.me/berlin and find videos and Livestreams from our outreaches in the summer 2021 in Berlin!