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We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in Eurasia



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New OM EAST 2018 Ministry Review! Our freshly printed magazine shares photos and stories from Eurasia where minority people groups are receiving literature and media in their heart language.

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Believe to receive – sharing the hope of Easter

Small outreach teams will share the life-changing message of the gospel with hundreds of women in brothels and on the street this Easter.

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Who do we reach?

Thousands of people and communities with their own cultures and languages have never heard about Jesus. OM EAST shares the hope of Christ in the heart languages of people groups throughout Eurasia.

  • Evangelism

    God’s truth is reaching nomadic reindeer herders in Siberia, Muslim families in remote villages of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and farmers in a mountain settlement of Georgia.





  • Mentoring & Discipleship

    In segregated Roma communities in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, individuals are strengthened in their faith and encouraged to discover their God-given gifts.




  • Justice

    OM EAST supports relief efforts among refugees arriving in Europe by providing evangelistic resources in their languages. Small outreach teams speak to women in brothels and on the street in Europe, bringing literature written and produced specifically to reach those trapped in prostitution.

OM EAST - Literature and Media

OM EAST's literature and media ministry produces high quality print and digital media in over 25 languages. Always working with local partners, we seek to share the gospel, strengthen churches and bring hope to people groups throughout Eurasia.