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With your help, we can bring hope to communities around the world. 

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If you wish to give to OM EAST via the OM website of your country of residence, please specify 'OM EAST' as the recipient. Your gift will be used where most needed. If you would like to give to a specific person or media project, please specify in the gift reference.

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“I have goose bumps and I want to cry; this is my language – it speaks to my heart. My brain works differently when I see it in my Roma language.”

– Local man in a Roma village, Croatia

With your support, OM EAST can design, lay out, and print high quality print and digital media that helps share the gospel in people's heart languages. 

“Thousands of peoples and communities with their own cultures and languages have never heard about Jesus, ever. Our passion is that they would hear of His fame and renown.” – OM, Our Story