Bible storybook for the Nivkh

The first Bible stories in the Amur and Schmidt dialects have been published as an illustrated Bible storybook. These dialects are spoken by the Nivkh people group living in the Russian Far East. OM EAST provided illustrations, design and layout for this new publication while Wycliffe Russia worked on translation.

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A secure path for the Altai

The Altai people worship gods in trees, rivers and mountains. In mountain passes, it is traditional to perform rituals for safe passage. Workers in Siberia want the Altai to know their Creator-God who alone offers the security they seek. 

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Bible storybook in the Southern Altai language

Bible storybook published for the Altai minority people living in the Republic of Altai, Siberia .

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Entering a reindeer herder’s world

For many Nenets in Arctic Russia, reindeer are their life, their source of food, clothes, transport and shelter. Field worker E.S. longs for the Nenets to know Jesus, the true source of life.

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