Bible storybook for the Nivkh

The first Bible stories in the Amur and Schmidt dialects have been published as an illustrated Bible storybook. These dialects are spoken by the Nivkh people group living in the Russian Far East. OM EAST provided illustrations, design and layout for this new publication while Wycliffe Russia worked on translation.

Stories from the Region

My First Bible in the Shor language

My First Bible, an illustrated Bible storybook, was recently published in the Shor language for an indigenous tribe living in southern Siberia, Russia. 

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Moving to Mongolia

From a least-reached people group herself, Tuvan translator Buyana wants Tsaatan reindeer herders to hear about Jesus and know the God who changed her life.


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Bible storybook for the Tuvan people in Siberia

The illustrated My First Bible is now available in the Tuvan language!

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