“For some women, this is the only portion of God’s Word they will get this year,” an OM worker emphasised.

During Advent small outreach teams are bringing gifts of Christmas biscuits and wall calendars with Bible verses to hundreds of ladies in brothels and on the street in Central Europe.

Please pray for God’s protection and that outreach workers have meaningful conversations as they offer presents to individuals trapped in prostitution.

A message of hope

Small outreach teams speak to women in brothels and on the street in Europe, bringing literature written and produced specifically to reach those trapped in prostitution. The messages of hope encourage ladies to seek further help from OM workers and other agencies to begin a journey out of prostitution and rebuild their lives.

When outreach workers bring gifts for special occasions, they experience greater openness towards letting them speak to ladies in brothels and on the street. This provides a chance to reach more women, offer their contact details, and build trust.