Illustrated Bible stories for the Nivkh in the Russian Far East

OM EAST is currently working on publishing the first Bible stories in the Amur and Schmidt dialects; these are spoken by the Nivkh people group living in the Russian Far East. Working in partnership with Wycliffe Russia, OM EAST is providing illustrations, as well as design and layout for the translated stories. The goal is to bring the message of Christ to a minority group who practice shamanism and have no Scripture in their heart language.

“A picture is always the first thing that people look at in a book,” said Julia Haupt, OM EAST graphic designer and artist. “While working on the drawings, I have been thinking about how the Nivkh don’t know the Bible stories. It’s beautiful to think, that for many it will be the first time that they have read these stories and held God’s Word in their hands. I want the drawings to express the message and speak to the readers.”

Please pray for stamina, inspiration and wisdom as Julia seeks to present God’s truth through illustrations. Please pray for God’s protection over OM EAST workers and partners as they prepare to make God’s Word available to a people group who practice shamanism.

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