Letter of love to women in Red Light districts

written by OM International

OM EAST and partners have published a leaflet in ten languages, entitled You are Beautiful my Sister, for women trapped in prostitution.

Written by outreach worker Tanja*, the poem inside tells women of the beauty she sees, a beauty that is more than skin deep. It is a letter of love, expressing the Father heart of God, who longs to offer them new life - the life He intended.

Small teams throughout Europe will bring this message to over 1,000 women working in brothels and on the streets during Easter. With 7,600 copies of You are Beautiful my Sister in print, its truths will reach thousands in the months ahead as workers continue to speak to individuals and offer hope.  

“The women have no more dreams,” Tanja shared, “We want to give them new dreams again.”

Please pray for individuals to recognise their true identity and worth. Please pray they find fresh hope to dream, courage to seek help, and discover who God created them to be. 

*Name changed

Translations are available in: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish. View: English version. View: all translations.

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OM EAST and partners have published a new leaflet in ten languages for ladies working in prostitution. Entitled ‘You are beautiful my sister’, the letter expresses the Father Heart of God. Photo Credit: Julia Haupt