Recognising the need of a Saviour

An OM EAST partner reflects on responses to the fictional storybook The Cat and the Custardwritten by Roma believer Biljana and distributed among Roma in Serbia:

“We visited very poor places where people were surprised we came. On one outreach, a worker read The Cat and the Custard to Jasmin* who then confessed that, just like Ana in the story, she too had stolen something small. Jasmin asked: ‘Will God forgive me as well for what I have done?’ God is speaking into children's lives through this book. Others were excited or proud to find that the author is Roma; some said they are also writing, hoping to publish their short stories one day.”

Praise God for stirring hearts to recognise their need of forgiveness. Please pray many accept Christ’s offer of grace and unconditional love. Please pray Roma will be inspired to discover the gifts God has given them, with strength to overcome discrimination and courage to pursue aspirations.
*Name changed


Roma author Biljana’s first book published

A beautifully illustrated children’s storybook written by a Roma believer, is now in homes throughout Serbia.

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