Refugees receive 'Light in the Darkness' comics

At a refugee camp in Serbia, OM worker Volker* watched a little Afghan girl respond to receiving the Light in the Darkness comic in her heart language, Farsi. “She was so happy that she ran away to read it, hiding it from other kids so she could keep it for herself,” Volker recalls.

OM Serbia has a tent at the camp where they serve sweet tea and offer friendship to some of the 1,300 refugees living there. “In general, people seem very depressed, as you can imagine,” expressed Volker. “We hope our tent can be a place of joy and encouragement.”

Praise God for this little girl’s eagerness to read. Please pray that the story, which introduces Jesus, would reach hearts. Please pray that the refugees will sense an atmosphere of God’s love and hope in OM’s venue.

*Full name not included for security reasons 

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New comic for refugees in Europe

'Light in the Darkness', an illustrated comic sharing the gospel, is now available in the Arabic and Farsi languages for refugees in Europe.

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