Bible storybook for the Tuvan people in Siberia

A believer in southern Siberia gives out the freshly printed My First Bible in the Tuvan language. OM EAST provided the design and layout for this illustrated children’s Bible storybook; their partners in Russia worked on translation. The Tuvan people typically lived in Yurts but now these round wooden huts are usually only used during summer or, in this case, for church meetings.


Stories from the Region

Andriod app Bible story for the Altai in Siberia

My First Bible in the Altai language is the first Andriod app with audio produced and published by OM EAST.

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A secure path for the Altai

The Altai people worship gods in trees, rivers and mountains. In mountain passes, it is traditional to perform rituals for safe passage. Workers in Siberia want the Altai to know their Creator-God who alone offers the security they seek. 

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Bible storybook in the Southern Altai language

Bible storybook published for the Altai minority people living in the Republic of Altai, Siberia .

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