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Belgium is one of the world's one third least reached nations. 99½ per cent of Belgians have yet to be transformed by Jesus Christ, and 375 of Belgium's 582 districts have no vibrant community of Jesus followers. 

As the capital of the European Union and the de facto capital of Europe, Belgium is of the highest strategic importance in re-winning the continent for Christ. 

OM has been working in Belgium for 53 years. During the 1970s, OMers brought a piece of literature to every house in Belgium. During the 1990s, Love Europe campaign teams visited every house in the cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Charleroi, Namur, Bruges, Mons, Hasselt, Genk, Kortrijk and Leuven. In each of those cities, there are now five times as many churches as before the campaigns. 

Since 2017, OM in Belgium has been following a new strategy based on the Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers vision. This resulted in 2018 in the establishment of our first church plant. Two other plant projects are also in operation.

In the 1990s, the ZavCentre became a popular conference centre for mission training and meetings.

The State of the Church

The indigenous Belgian church is just under 0.5 per cent of the population. Over the last twenty years, the total size of the church in Belgium has more than doubled through immigration from DR Congo, Brazil, Nigeria and many other nations in the global south. While the Belgian church has traditionally been insular, 'new' Belgians are outgoing and have confidence that God will work. However, they often have little integration with Belgian culture, working either in international organisations, or taking low-paid, repetitive jobs which do not develop their skills.

Belgium has been the most rapidly secularising country in Western Europe. 14 per cent of the people are avowed atheists, two thirds say they do not believe in God. One third are involved in the occult (figures, Pew Research 2018).

Numbers of people

There are 46 OMers, plus volunteers and short-termers.

Our ministries:

  • Church Planting Teams — seeking to plant churches in unchurched areas and stimulating national believers to do likewise.
  • Campaigns team — running all-year-round evangelistic programmes with churches, church plants, and in unchurched areas.
  • Ministry among Muslims — serving among Muslim diaspora people, especially Moroccans and Turks.  
  • Victims of trafficking — helping to restore victims of trafficking and integrate them into welcoming fellowships.


  • ZavCentre (practical service) — running conferences and hospitality for the historic home of OM, ZavCentre.
  • Prayer Hub (OM International) — ministering to the entire OM world through prayer.
  • Global Experiences Team (GEx OM International) — creating immersive experiences to mobilise believers to world evangelism.


  • fACTOR volunteer mentoring programme (3 months) — practical service and leadership training for future leaders, artists and thinkers.

How can you get involved:

  • PRAY
    • Pray for unity of believers in Belgium
    • Pray for revival in Belgian churches
    • Pray for locals planting local churches
    • Pray for the Belgian church to reach out in Belgium and worldwide
  • GIVE

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  • GO

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More information about Belgium

  • Population: 11 million people
  • Official language: Dutch (59 per cent), French (40 per cent) and German (one per cent)
  • State of economy: Member of the European Union, Capital city of EU is Brussels
  • Interesting facts:
    • Belgium has been without a government for 535 days in the past
    • 'French fries'  are actually from Belgium
    • There are three official languages in Belgium: Dutch, French, German
  • Religious make-up: 58 per cent Roman Catholic Church, 20 per cent Agnostic, seven per cent Atheist, seven per cent > Other Christianity, five per cent Islam, two per cent Other Religion, two per cent Non-Responding
  • State of the church: Once a traditional Catholic country, 21st century Belgium has lost most of its Christian values. Statistics cannot explain the spiritual need. There is a tiny evangelical church, ranging between 0.7 and one per cent of the population of 11 million. The majority of Belgians are unaware of the Gospel.

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