Mission opportunities in Hungary

OM began its ministry in Hungary in the early 1970s, at that time through smuggling and distributing literature throughout the country. After the fall of communism in 1989, the first OM workers moved into the country, establishing outreach teams, developing the relationships with local churches and spreading the missions vision among them. 

Today, through its various ministries, OM Hungary seeks to continue building its relationship with the local church, developing the vision of missions, and motivate and enabling Hungarians to become a part of Gods work in His World. 

To help facilitate this vision we have developed a number of key ministries, focusing both locally and country wide, embracing the importance of personal relationships in the Hungarian culture.

Teaching English

The growing popularity and the necessity for the English language in Hungary for many has given us numerous opportunities to come along side churches and provide a resource to reach out to the local community. Weekly classes for adults and also children’s summer camps provide many with language skills but also with the opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel. 

Sports Ministry

Sports is one of the most universal activities in the world that brings together people from many different backgrounds and language groups. The first steps in baseball coaching were taken during a Spring Camp in 2002, and since then has grown to 10 local teams of varying ability joining the Hungarian Baseball League. OM team members are involved in the teaching and training of over 100 adults and children each week, with an emphasis not only on sports training but also on skills for life through modeling Biblical principles.

Creative Ministries 

Puppet Ministry: OM has always been a leading mission in creative evangelism, and with OM Hungary using sketch board, drama, mime, and music concerts from the beginning of the 90's we were no different. Since 2009 our Puppet Team has had the opportunity through its professional level presentations to bring the Gospel to kindergartens and elementary schools at Christmas and Easter. The current regulations in Hungary allow this in the public schools system but we do not know how long this open door will last. 

Music and the Arts: Hungarians are a people with a great love and appreciation for the Arts in many different forms. Since 1999 OM Musician and Evangelist Bill Drake has been touring with a band and dancers in Hungary each summer, to bring his message of love, hope and redemption to the people. In a crowded church, a town square, a prison or refugee camp people respond to Bill's personal message of renewal through Christ.

Refugee Ministry

Long before the crises of 2015 unfolded OM Hungary had been reaching out to the refugees in its country. Through partnership with a local Christian family, themselves refugees, team members have been visiting a nearby camp since 2010 and taking the love and hope of Christ to its people through programmes designed to help, encourage and build them up: language classes, children’s program, small group discussion, ladies meetings. More recently we also hold Bible studies and culturally relevant meetings in Budapest for people to stay in contact once they leave the camp. We have desired to be salt and light into an often difficult time in their lives. 

How you can get involved


For the Hungarian Church, that they would be dynamic followers of Christ sharing the Gospel with their neighbours, strengthening their existing churches and planting new churches in their community or other parts Hungary. That the Church would have a vision not just for their own locality but develop a burden for the wider world and realise they too are called to be a part of the Great Commission.

For the team here in OM Hungary to continue to be dependent on God for their passion and daily strength to fulfil Gods plan for themselves and the people of Hungary.

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More Information about Hungary

With a population of 10 million people Hungary is a culturally Christian, but a secular nation in reality. Over 50 percent of the population are catholic, approximately 20 percent are protestant, the rest is atheist or following other religions. Within the Protestant Church, the Reformed Church is largest, with 11 percent of the population, followed by the Lutherans (2 percent), baptists, and pentecostals (less than 1 percent). The evangelicals make an estimated 2-3 percent of the society.

Secularism, materialism and New Age type spiritualism is where Hungarians are seeking answers for life's questions. Hungarians have a spiritual openness, but the traditional church seems not to have the relevant answers for them.

The current government introduced a new religion/church law effective from January 1, 2012. This only recognises the large traditional churches and forced most of the small evangelical communities to become associations instead of churches. This has taken away some of the privileges they had as a church. The positive side of this however has seen a drawing together of denominations as they have sought to help their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in the smaller churches.

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