Facing restrictions 


There is a need for the Kuwaiti believers to be discipled and to grow in maturity. Church Planting efforts are greatly hindered when people to cannot meet together due to fear and mistrust.

There has been some encouraging developments within the Iranian community with a number of recent professions of faith and an incredible openness. There is a growing number of supernatural events (healings, dreams and visions) in the ministry among Muslims. With thousands of Christians living and working in Kuwait, there is an ongoing, bold Christian witness by many.  

Political situation: There has been relative calm since the Islamic bloc in the local parliament was severely restricted by the Royal Family several years ago. This doesn’t mean that the problems have gone away and there is growing level of frustration and tension in Kuwait society. There have been a number of efforts by the government to suppress the influence of IS amongst Kuwaiti citizens.

All of these realities and the concern of Iran’s growing influence in the region, serves to keep the authorities busy with other concerns. This takes pressure off of Christians and evangelistic efforts. Several years ago when the Islamist bloc was at it highest level of influence, Christian churches that were meeting in villas were being shut down. Thankfully, that has not been a problem in the last couple of years. 

In terms of the general population, a significant number of Kuwaitis are tolerant toward non-Muslim residents; however, there is a group of radical Muslims that does not want to see Christian in the country. The change in the political dynamics of the region is having an impact on the rise of Islamic radicalism in the country. Accordingly, the rise of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq seems to have a resonance among some Kuwaitis. According to reports, there are hundreds of Kuwaiti fighters alongside IS.

The government severely restricts freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom of association, concepts that are fundamentally important and inseparable from freedom of religion.

Most Christians in Kuwait are foreign migrant workers, who are relatively free to worship informally, while Christian converts from a Muslim background face serious restrictions. 

How you can help

PRAY -  Pray that more and more of those who are reaching out to Kuwaitis and other Muslim populations will continue to expect to see God confirm His Word in supernatural ways (healings, dreams and visions).

GIVE - Support the work of OM in Kuwait at http://www.om.org/en/give. Help us see more Kuwaitis come to faith.

GO - See open job opportunities with OM in Kuwait. Contact inquiry.arp@om.org for more information.

Sources: https://www.opendoors.org.au/persecutedchristians/countryprofiles/kuwait/


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