Paraguay is a small and landlocked country in the hearth of South America.

More than 90% of Paraguayans are mestizos - people of mixed Spanish and native American descent. Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages. The majority of the population speak both, whereas in the rest of Latin America non-indigenous people rarely know the pre-colonial languages.

In Paraguay It's possible to find different ethnic and cultural groups.  In the North and East of the country, the Mennonites (German colonies) were established since 1927. In some cities like Ciudad del Este and Encarnación, it’s possible to find Lebanese, Bangladeshi and Chinese groups.

OM has been represented in Paraguay during the last 20 years. Many volunteers mainly from the Mennonite colonies have joined the OM Ships and other opportunities around the world.

What we do:

  • Mobilization: We are committed with the church!  Our mission is to mobilize, cooperate and help the local church by providing high quality training and specific ministry opportunities in Paraguay and the world. We are an active part of the process of sending well prepared Paraguayans to the unreached world.


  • EXPOSURE Intensive Missions Exposure Program:  A two weeks intensive mission training and exposure program oriented to those volunteers joining OM for short term programs, and those people interested in missions. The first week the trainees are exposed to different missionaries and organizations, to know the work they are doing and to receive training in different key topics. The second week the trainees have the opportunity to live with a missionary family working with unreached groups inside Paraguay.


  • King's Messengers:  A children ministry to present a global gospel to the Kids of Paraguay in a creative and professional way, so that they may accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and care for other kids around the world that also need to know Christ. The gospel is told and passed on to them through songs, sketches, games, puppets and other activities. We want to give them the opportunity to make a personal decision to follow Jesus, but also to present a global gospel vision to the Kids, so they will know about other people in the world that also need to know about Jesus. Doing this, we are not only sow the seed of the gospel in their hearts, but also the sow of the Great Commission.


  • Conexión VIDA (AIDSLink):  We want to see transformation take place through ministry activities that serve the felt needs of people affected by HIV and AIDS. We carry out Hospital and home visitation, counseling sessions and a weekly support group meeting with the people living with HIV, in cooperation with the professional staff in the Regional Hospital of “Ciudad del Este”.


How you can get involved:

  • PRAY: Please pray for the next steps in OM Paraguay, for the ministry we are launching and for our challenges this year. Please pray for more people willing to work in OM Paraguay. Please pray that God brings the right people, at the right place and at the right time.


More information about Paraguay:

  • Population 6,854,536 Annual Growth: 1,2%  Area: 406,752 sq km Capital: Asunción
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Religious make-up: 90% Catholic;  6% Evangelical;  4% Others

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