South Africa

Our purpose in South Africa is to build relationships with local churches, and through these relationships to disciple and send workers into communities. Our desire is to see transformation take place locally and throughout the nations.

South Africa is a large country known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ for its cultural diversity. There are four distinct people groups represented—Blacks, Whites, Coloureds and Indians—and sub-groups within those four. The living conditions in the country are almost as diverse as the people, with many affluent Whites living in city suburbs, and many Blacks living in poor and dilapidated townships.

The church of South Africa is also affected by the stark cultural contrasts. In the suburbs the church is fairly well resourced but, in the predominantly Black townships, it struggles financially and is often the object of missions efforts itself.

Our Ministries in South Africa

Missions Discipleship Training

Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) disciples and equips believers to take their part in God’s transformation of lives and communities both locally and among the nations. MDT is an intensive training programme aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you. We focus on growing you in your journey as a disciple through four key areas: cross-cultural community life, one-on-one mentoring, study-based knowledge and practical experience. Our programme will take you through a discipleship module, give you a structure of spiritual discipline and cover an introduction to missions through our missions module. We live in a community of many nations and cultures from across the world, learning how to understand and grow together. Alongside this, we take you on several outreaches and ministry days to discover the wide variety of communities, cultures and ministry areas God is using here in South Africa. We aim to prepare you, equip you and expand your world view as you discover all that God has prepared in advance for you to do!


Intensive Missionary Training

Intensive Missionary Training (IMT) empowers and equips people called to minister across cultures to see God’s Kingdom advance and believing communities arise. IMT is a three week, cross-cultural ministry training programme aimed at equipping you for mission work in other cultures. We focus on preparing you with practical ministry tools and appropriate mission strategy for seeing churches planted and believing communities develop. Our programme also includes preparing you for living cross-culturally and understanding culture better.


GO Challenge

Our vision is to mobilise churches through empowering people to transform communities. The GO Challenge is an initiative of OM South Africa committed to mobilising churches and believers from all walks of life to go out and share the love of Christ. Through a four-day conference, we aim to equip attendees with the right tools in order to reach out cross-culturally and in their own communities. The conference is followed by a seven-day outreach in which they have a chance to test out these skills and experience what it’s really like to fulfill The Great Commission and to go and make disciples of all nations.



We aim to serve the local church through exploring different ways of being a disciple of Jesus that will result in them going to the nations. Our mobilisers are the frontline interface between taking the good news of Christ's Lordship to the ends of the earth and discovering the called individuals God wants to involve in full-time missions.



Our vision is to see hope and dignity restored in people’s lives, through Christ, as we respond holistically to the HIV and AIDS pandemic in South Africa. In the east of Mamelodi, Tshwane, you will find our big green lawn where the sound of children’s voices ring out daily. Welcome to the home of the Meetse a Bophelo centre which means “fountain of life” in Tswana. Many vulnerable children, youth and other locals find new hope here through a variety of practical ministries we offer. Whether you enjoy helping kids with homework after school or want to offer your skills and experiences to help equip locals with income-generating skills such as jewellery making or gardening, we love anybody with a passion for people whose lives are affected by HIV/ and AIDS and other destitute situations.

*The HIV status of individuals shown in photographs associated with AIDSHope is unknown.



Our vision is to empower sports leaders, equip coaches, serve churches and transform lives and communities through Christ using sports. We travel around the area in order to engage with young kids interested in sports, carrying Christ with us to share as we develop relationships and display the gospel.


Shared Services Team

We see any profession or qualification as a potential to participating in God’s missions. We welcome people who say, "But I am only an IT guy and I don’t know if God can use that." God never wastes anything, you can be an administrative missionary.


Diaspora Hope

We seek to reach foreigners and neighbours from other faiths in Cape Town with the gospel through words and deeds and to see them brought into fellowship of believers. In the Mother City called Cape Town, you will find our team in many different places. Some have regular spiritual conversations over a steaming latte with international students at UCT. Others become friends with immigrant traders on green market square. We befriend foreigners and neighbours from other faiths. When they feel comfortable with us, we invite them closer into a community of believers, ultimately introducing them to our Lord Jesus Christ who lives in us.