The value of perseverance

Workers encourage new believers to persevere in their faith despite facing persecution from their families.

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Praying in the city

Prayer walking in a North African city brings some encouraging insights for a long term worker and her daughter

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The Day in between

An English teacher, who has lived in North Africa for many years, has the opportunity to share with students about Easter and what it means.

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Easter: first taste of church

When a worker apologises for a loud in-home worship gathering, her neighbour responds with the desire to attend church.

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Being both spontaneous and intentional

A long term worker in North Africa is discovering that being ready for opportunities when they arise is a key element in sharing the truth.

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Studying English through the Bible

A long-term OM worker in North Africa has the opportunity to study the Bible with local friends.

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Exporting local products, importing love

Workers find business opportunities using local products and model a lifestyle of integrity and love.

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Praying God’s heart for the nations, Part 2

Workers from the Middle East North Africa Area share how they use strategic prayer to prepare the way for God to move across the region.

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Making broken pieces beautiful

By offering a creative class for women, an OM worker finds ways to transform broken tiles into art and make relationships where she can share God’s truth.

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God provides miracle visas

OM workers share how God answered prayers for visas to stay in North Africa.

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