God's word never returns empty

A man finds a discarded Bible from an earlier OM distribution trip and believes.

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Trained to change

A young man is transformed and now trained in sustainable farming ready to change his least-reached community.

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Help in time of need

OM's emergency assistance was the first help families had received since the severe flooding across Bangladesh. For many it came just in time.

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Discipling the least reached

OM teams work to build up and disciple rural villages in South Asia to see them living healthier and growing in their faith.

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Education in Bangladesh; focused on one child at a time

In Bangladesh illiteracy and poverty go hand in hand. Many simply do not have the opportunities or education to hope for a better life. OM's schools and literacy programmes change that. People have hope for a better life through education. Entire families and communities are changed.

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God speaks

An OM student becomes a believer and learns that God speaks to her.

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Rebuilding homes

The villagers in Langtang are being taught a safer, more earthquake-resistant way to rebuild their homes.

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Taking medicine

One woman receives care from AidsLink staff and comes to terms with her diagnosis of being HIV positive.

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Church Planting Movement training

OM has been using a training method called Church Planting Movement in Asia to see believers equipped to share their faith with others.

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Pray when you can't sleep

A young woman learns to pray when she can't sleep at night

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