Discipling the next generation in Pakistan’s church

OM is training and equipping the next generation of believers in Pakistan, through sports, camps, mentoring and discipleship groups.


“People are living without Christ. Most of them have not even seen a believer. How could they even hear about Christ?” said Amir*, a student in Pakistan, who attended OM’s Bible Training Camp, and went on to motivate his church in reaching out to their community with Islam as the majority religion.

OM has a long history of training and equipping the church in Pakistan by getting alongside the next generation of Christians. The training encourages young men and women to get to know God and His word personally, and to share it in marketplaces, schools, through youth work and home visiting. They use a variety of means including films and literature in culturally relevant ways. 

Supplementary five-day Bible training camps are held every year to support those young men and women who come to learn more about foundational Christian beliefs from national and international speakers. Many who attend have already participated in a local OM three-month discipleship group.

OM also trains and equips Christians through sport. Its sports ministry team disciples groups and prepares players to be faithful followers of Christ, by mentoring and equipping coaches to be good role models and reach out to the athletes with God’s Word.

Waheed* for example, a coach, gave a book of 25 favourite Bible stories to Marina* a 17-year-old Christian runner. As she was unfamiliar with some stories, Waheed invited her to bring the book to the stadium so he could answer her questions. He enabled Marina to have a better understanding of Christ and she accepted Christ as her Saviour.

*Names changed

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A regular gift of $750 (£600) every month could support a national worker like Waheed and his family to continue their ministry effectively; $50 (£40) would sponsor a trainee like Amir at Bible camp; $800 - $1200 (£650 - £1000 ) would enable training for 60 - 80 participants in a Bible Training Camp.

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