Opening ears and hearts in Myanmar

God’s love, lived and shown in practical ways, is making changes in the Buddhist world of Myanmar.


"Effective discipleship means having a presence with someone, walking with them, having a relationship with them. It is best if you can live in the community when possible,” says Jill*, a core team member of OM in Buddhist Myanmar.

83.4 per cent of the country’s population have yet to hear about Jesus¹. It is challenging to build up the national church amongst 147 different people groups and cultures. Nominalism and poverty entrap Christians. Nevertheless, Jesus followers wish to reach out to their nation with His love.

OM has a core of committed national workers who mobilise new disciple makers and spread out throughout different states to, in turn, motivate others to do the same.

Most of the national workers speak Burmese and several other local languages. When schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the teachers visited other communities to work directly with the kids. These smaller communities are very poor. Unregistered with the government, most could not access education for their children. By supporting the teachers, OM’s national workers have provided local platforms to create community relationships. By not forming church denominations or build buildings, but simply by living and sharing God’s love, communities are changed.

“I didn’t realise I was a favourite of God. I didn’t know I was created by Him,” said one villager, whose worldview was completely altered when he discovered he could talk personally to God.

God’s love, lived and shown in practical ways, is making changes in the Buddhist world of Myanmar.

*Name changed

¹Joshua Project (

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$3500 (£3000) would provide salaries, housing and ministry costs for a local core team and providing them with training and mentorship. $25 – $100 (£20 - £80) could support a local worker mobilising others for ministry and preparing and discipling them for one month.

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