When a disaster hits where OM has a presence, the local teams are usually stirred to respond. But disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, violent conflict or refugee crises often overwhelm a team’s capacity.
OM’s International Disaster Response (IDR) provides quick and appropriate support in response to the kind of help a local team want to offer. Initial conference calls allow for mentoring and a sounding board as teams think of how they can respond.
Surge capacity of suitable volunteers and staff – staying anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months or even longer – adds further support where teams lack sufficient personnel.
And a highly practical, topically relevant training course – tailored to the specific disaster – allows local responders to build a rapid understanding of the core skills they will need to respond effectively to the disaster.
Do you want to be one of those volunteers supporting local teams?  Why not prepare for it and participate in OM’s Disaster Response Training, a one week intensive simulation training. After successful completion you can become part of our community of relief responders.

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