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A Concert of Prayer

Community members joined local believers in a concert of prayer on a Friday evening.

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The Secret That Can’t Be Kept

You may have been to an Escape Room game before, but surely you have not been to one set on a vessel.

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Sharing Your Best Friend

“I’m scared, you’re scared, Let’s go out and and be scared together.”

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The Riverboat Captain’s Story

As a 13-year-old boy, Klaas Kattouw dreamt of sailing on the vessel now used for the new Riverboat ministry. Today, he is the Captain.

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Riverboat crewmembers celebrate New Year on board

OM's Riverboat was inaugurated in the Netherlands during a New Year celebration on board.

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Is YOUR community ready to host the Riverboat?

Sailing from Arnhem from the beginning of January 2018, this unique riverboat, the Andante will be sailing to ports in Europe over January, February and March 2018. 

The crew of the Andante is coming to:

  • Pray for your community,
  • Share your heart for the ministries of local Christians in current ministries,
  • Reach out alongside you to those who have never heard about Jesus

 We come to SERVE your cities with you.

Check out when the Andante is coming to a port near YOU!


The Riverboat brings a special Escape Room: The Agency to challenge you, as you use your brains against time itself to solve the clues on your mission leading to your ultimate release - or will it?

You and your team will need to work together, think strategically and take risks in order to progress through to breakout.  And that is only the beginning of your mission.  You will be challenged in your thinking, your stance on life and your views of the spiritual journey – and you risk... never being the same again!

Missions commence every 20 minutes on Wednesdays-Saturdays, from 10:00-20:40, and on Sundays, from 12:00-20:40. Missions last approximately 2.5 hours, including a debrief.  Book your mission via the website: and aim to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

Come with your home group, your student tutor group, your confirmation class, your friends, your Bible school buddies, indeed any other bunch of people you want to experience together, both in The Agency, and on the quayside, the issues surrounding living in a multi-cultural, diverse 21st Century planet and what God has to do with it all!

Come and meet our ‘crew of many nations’ in the coffee shop; hang out with them, and find out what gives them meaning to life – from the captain to the cook!

Come and celebrate your Christian faith and its heritage embedded in your local community – and how that translates for the millions along Europe’s rivers - your neighbours.

Come and hear stories of God’s faithfulness that will encourage you to reach out to those around you who have yet to hear of His forgiveness and love – and desire to enrich their lives.

Come and be excited about the journey of faith that you, your fellowship, your friends and your community could travel, that could positively impact your continent for decades – and even eternity!

Come and be challenged to take God seriously, and live more intensely!

Whatever else you do this 2018, decide to COME ON BOARD! Your visit could seriously change lives.

Follow our Facebook page to see how our visitors have enjoyed coming on board – and hear their stories of how The Agency escape room has challenged and changed lives.

Come and join with us, as together we can make a difference for God that may be bigger than we could ever imagine.





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