Board a riverboat community

Join like-minded followers of Jesus visiting European ports, or simply come and see what’s going on – the choice is yours!

Europe’s natural network of rivers provides the logical way of bringing the Gospel to ports.

Our Riverboat, the much-loved Andante cruiser, ably captained by Klaas Kattouw, will set sail on 27th December from Arnhem, in the Netherlands. During its three-month voyage, it will berth at Dordrecht, Bonn, Mainz, Strasbourg before reaching its final destination.

And YOU could be on board!


Your Riverboat journey starts at Mission-Net conference in Arnhem, where you will explore God’s heart for mission, discipleship and community.  Your discipleship training will continue on-board, together with the rest of the 80-person crew, as the Andante sails through the Netherlands, Germany and France, presenting the Gospel message to the unreached of Europe. Getting off at each port, you will be part of a team supporting local church fellowships in their outreach as they, and you, serve their local communities.

You will also be instrumental in introducing a whole pile of people to mission via the Escape Room concept: an exciting, fast-moving reality puzzle-solving experience – ask us for more details about this! Or engaging visitors in conversations about helping people who feel trapped in a world with no apparent escape – and the possibility of Freedom! There are many ways in which you will be able to interact with visitors to the Riverboat, either on-board on on-shore, to contextualise spiritual truth with 21st Century daily living. You COULD be on board -  the choice is yours.

We recognise not everyone can get away for three months – or maybe you prefer to stay on dry land? – yet you are drawn by the challenge of supporting this exciting new ministry to Europe. Just as we are praying for God to change lives, we would welcome prayer supporters to partner with us as we look to Him to meet our many needs to enable the Riverboat project to become a reality.  Not just individual prayer partners either, regular Riverboat-focused church prayer groups could form, fuelled by up-to-date information from our website, Facebook page or prayer newsletters.

Perhaps you’re involved in a local European church on the Riverboat route? You could visit the Andante personally, bring a church group, or not-yet believing friends as part of your missional vision to introduce people to Jesus through the on-board facilities – the choice is yours.

You may be drawn to financially facilitate some of activities and plans to present the Gospel through the Riverboat.  As you can imagine, we have many financial challenges ahead, from diesel for the boat, to biscuits in the café, to building structures on the upper deck - the choice is yours.

If the idea of changing people’s lives and introducing the concept of Freedom floats your boat – – get in touch! Contact your local OM office via www.om.org/contact for more details.