CAMP LELA 2018 "ZORRO" evangelism camps for orphans

OM Odessa team in co operation with the local charity, The Heritage Foundation and in partnership with local church volunteer teams minister to children in orphanages throughout the year. Unfortunately it is not always possible to present the Gospel clearly during these visits since orphanages are government property. … But when summer comes we are able to bring these children to camp LELA for a week or ten days where they can experience the love of Christ and have the opportunity to hear and undersand the Gospel message clearly through theatrical camp programs.

There are over 4000 children living in orphanages in the Odessa province in Ukraine. They are in need of experiencing the love of Christ through His children. Are you ready to join us for a theatrical evangelical summer camp experience with orphans? Then this option is for you!

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Sat 11 Aug 2018 to Sat 25 Aug 2018
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704.00 USD
18 - 65
Ministry details

On arrival, you will be welcomed by the team in Odessa, go through a day of orientation and preparations.
We expect participants to themselves make a decision of what ministry role they would like to be involved in, be it music, crafts, sports or helping to lead a group of kids.
The first couple of days you will get to know the team, get some training and be involved in preparation. You may likewise be involved in putting up tents and other practical preparation on the camp grounds. Once the camp begins -
During camp mornings will start with personal devotion followed by Team prayer and small group meeting. Once the kids are up it is time for breakfast, bible discussions, crafts, sport - all within the theatrical theme. In the evenings there will be an evening meeting, the story unfolding, praise and worship etc, finishing the day around the camp fire and that special time of sharing before lights out.
After camp there will be a time for reflection, feedback and debriefing before departure.

Participant profile

Born again Christians, with a heart for orphans and ready to bring with them the joy of the Lord and serve in any way that may be neccessary. If you are musical and could bring with you a musical instrument that would be great.


You will be living in tents and sleeping in sleeping bags together with the local volunteers or with the orphans depending on what role you choose on camp. Expect a real outdoor adventure. - outside toilets (eastern style hole in the ground) and cold showers.


All meals are included. Expect good home cooked Ukrainian food. You can expect however to take part in, cleaning dishes and the like. Unfortunately, during these camps we are unable to cater for special diets.


All participants should please travel to the city of Odessa Ukraine (ODS). You will be met at the airport by a representative of OM Ukraine and transported to the camp location. After the campaign you will be taken to the airport in time for your flight.


You need to be physically healthy and mobile you will be living in tents and sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground.


People from the EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan do not need a visa for visiting Ukraine up to 90 days. We are able to help with invitation letters for visas at an extra cost of 45 Euro, but this takes up to two months to organise not including the time to mail it to you.
People from other nationalities have to apply for a visa. The visa must be obtained BEFORE leaving your home country. You will need a single entry (1 month) visa for Ukraine. Ask at the consulate in your home country what is needed to obtain the visa. If you need an invitation letter, we can get this to you but please allow 2 months for this to be obtained and sent to you. We need full passport info, home address, church and church address info to get the invitation letter for you.
You will then need to hand the invitation letter, the application and any other required documents to the consulate to receive the visa. Visa costs are not included in the campaign and must be paid separately.


For those that do not need visas, we can still accept applicants until three weeks before the start of the campaign. There will be translators but do not expect to have your own translator with you at all time. Be prepared to be creative with communicating with the local team and volunteers.

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