Taiwan 2017 Christmas Outreach

Hakka people group is perceived as ‘hard land’ for the evangelism; there is less than 0.3% Christian among 4 million Hakka populations in Taiwan.

Seeing the need to penetrate into this ‘hard land’, OM Taiwan decided to launch Community Transformation Ministry (CTM) in Hakka area.

The purpose of Community Transformation Ministry (CTM) is to train God’s people, working alongside with local churches, to reach out the least-reached communities in Taiwan.

The mission of the Community Transformation Ministry (CTM) is to bring the Good News to least-reached people. The least-reached people group in Taiwan is Hakka because the population of Hakka Christian is only 0.3%.

The mission team will go to a small Hakka town and partner with local churches to reach out Hakka through creative ministry during Christmas time.

This outreach has three core purposes:
1. To challenge participants in their personal growth and purpose in life by actively experiencing missions in Taiwan.
2. To broadly reach out to Hakka people and tell them about Jesus.
3. To encourage the existing Hakka Christians to get more involved in active ministry.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Fri 15 Dec 2017 to Tue 26 Dec 2017
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560.00 CHF
18 - 65
Ministry details

The outreach will consist of school ministry, children ministry, daily morning devotion, tracking, street caroling, friendship evangelism, testimony sharing and Christmas party.

Participant profile

OM Taiwan is looking for people that love Jesus and have a desire to share the Gospel. No previous experience is necessary as some coaching will be provided. The team language will be both English and Mandarin.


OM Taiwan CTM community center or Other local Churches.


Provided by CTM community center.
NOTE:If you have allergy or special diet, please let us know.


All the participants will meet up at Tao Yuan International Airport on Dec 15 (Fri) between 2:00-5:00 p.m., and leave Taiwan after 3:00 pm on Dec 25(Mon). OM Taiwan Staffs will pick them up from the Airport and send them to the airport. Accommodation (1000NT per night) is available before and after the outreach if the participant’s flights arrive early or leave late. Prior notification is required.


Participants need to be in Good Health as weather will be cold and damp. Participants need to have sufficient travel and health insurance for Taiwan.


Only a TOURIST visa is required. Taiwan has a visa exemption relationships with many countries so please look up your country here:


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