##FULL## Beach Club

To love the people of this community so that they can learn about the freedom in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Come be a messenger of hope, sharing your joy in a place that needs to see the good news lived out. The main focus of this outreach will be working with children. We will spend mornings near the beach with an organized program for children. In the afternoons we will prepare and practice the program for the next day. There will also be time to relax and go for a swim.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Sat 30 Jul 2016 to Sat 13 Aug 2016
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640.00 CHF
18 - 60
Ministry details

We will be in the shade of a forest 100 meters from the sea. Each year we have 30-60 children each day. Games, crafts, songs, dramas and more will keep them entertained as they learn about our great God. Prepare to participate in all activities.

Participant profile

Must have a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, love kids, and be able to do physical activity. English is our team language and we will be able to translate for you. A great attitude is always welcome!


A hostel 400 meters from our OM headquarters, a 10 minute walk to downtown Bar, and a 20 minute walk to the sea. Hot water and bedding are provided. No AC.


Breakfast and dinner are provided.


Fly into the Podgorica airport (airport code TGD) on July 30 in the afternoon if you can. Depart on August 13 in the afternoon if you can.


We will do a lot of walking, and be active in the summer heat. You must have a high energy level, and be able to cope with heat.


We will buy a tourist visa for you when you arrive. For more information please visit:


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