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Missions Discipleship Training Plus (MDT+) South Africa - Team 2

Do you have a desire to grow in your faith? Do you want to be trained in practical ministry skills and want to be challenged to put your faith into action? Come and join our MDT+ programme! Together with other people from all over the world, you will be trained, discipled, guided to find your place of strategic involvement in seeing Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers among the Least Reached.

Phase 1 is a 4-month discipleship training program where you are exposed to and experience different cultures and ministries. A biblical foundation for discipleship provides a structure for spiritual growth and healing. An introduction to biblical and transformational missions and topical electives connect the Bible to different disciplines. S.H.A.P.E. lets you explore how God created you and your purpose in God’s Kingdom. Towards the middle of Phase 1, we will help you to develop a customised PPP (Personalised Preparation Plan), based on what you have discerned and discovered about your place in building VCJF’s among the least reached. Phase 2 is the implementation of their PPP which is then a continuation of your journey in practical and holistic missions. The options for phase 2 can be determined before participants get to South Africa; however, we do have a Phase 2 coordinator that works with each participant to finalise their placement if this is still in doubt before they get here.

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Sat 6 Aug 2022 to Fri 30 Jun 2023
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Tue 19 Apr 2022
7500.00 SEK
18 - 65
Ministry details

At MDT+ in South Africa we build our programme around four key areas:

RELATIONSHIPS - Living in a vibrant community with people from all over the world
INSTRUCTIONAL - Through lectures, workshops, assigned reading and training of practical tools, we lay a foundation for Biblical ministry.
EXPERIENTIAL – Through practical ministry opportunities, electives and outreach, we give opportunities to understand the hands-on side of ministry.
SPIRITUAL FORMATION – We are focused on discipling each individual through one-on-one mentoring, biblical teaching, and living out authentic community.

A unique part of MDT+ in South Africa is Phase 2, which is contextual and personal, and you are free to choose to serve in a number of local or international ministries as we help you develop a plan for your future place of strategic involvement in seeing Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers among the Least Reached. The timing of this phase varies – please contact your home office for options.

Participant profile

Participants need to:

  • Have a love for Jesus and a desire to share your faith
  • Be flexible and have willingness to work as a team
  • Be between 18-65 years old
  • Have at least conversational English language ability

During study weeks at the MDT base in Pretoria. On outreach in villages and towns in South Africa and possibly Lesotho, with local families and churches, amongst some of the least-reached people groups.


Nourishing meals are planned by our OM base teams. Be prepared to also grow in teamwork as you prepare ingredients, cook, and wash plates for the rest of your MDT group, on occasion.


Participants (from overseas) should plan to arrive from the 1st of August 2022 and before the 4th of August 2022. Participants must plan to arrive at Johannesburg Airport. All travel during the outreach time is covered and organised by MDT+.

Phase 1 ends on the 4 Dec 2022, but an interim period allows participants (that are not joining Phase 2) to leave by the end of December. Participants joining Phase 2 will leave South Africa by the 30th June 2023, but this is flexible based on their Phase 2.


Participants must be generally in good health. Please advise us of any medical issues we should be aware of and/or dietary restrictions.


You can only enter South Africa with a Passport, not an ID card.

Please check visa requirements at: and contact your home office for guidance and the necessary paperwork.


The cost is an estimate figure please contact your home office for more details.

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