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##CANCELLED## Africa Trek Internship September 2020

The Africa Trek Internship is a leadership development and discipleship program. It seeks to develop young people with potential and disciple them to become high quality, effective disciple-makers and leaders who know their identity in Christ and who know their calling. The Africa Trek is a challenging environment and acts as an effective medium in developing leaders efficiently, achieving great results in a short time span.

The Africa Trek Internship is a 12-month program that aims to give its participants experience and exposure to discipleship, missions and leadership.

以下費用包含事工參與費、當地食宿及交通費;其中不含機票、簽證、醫療、保險及疫苗注射等費用。需參加一天的行前訓練。報名/洽詢請Email:或來電(02) 2620-3677聯絡我們。

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
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Sun 6 Sep 2020 to Tue 3 Aug 2021
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Fri 31 Jul 2020
440000.00 TWD
18 - 30
Ministry details

Africa Trek (AT) Interns can join the internship in January and will complete a 3-month Trek as a regular participant. For the following 5 months, the Intern will participate in the leadership development program that will be tailored by the AT Ministry Leaders to their specific needs, gifts and skills.
Potential activities may be to complete a course such as the Leadership Matters Course, or the Mentoring Clinic, and Interns will be given assignments to do, and books to read by the AT Ministry Leaders. The Internship will conclude with a 3-month Trek that the intern will co-lead with another AT Leader at the discretion of the AT Ministry Leaders. If the AT Ministry Leaders do not deem the Intern ready to co-lead a Trek, they will engage in an alternative leadership experience for the final 3 months to culminate the Internship.

Participant profile

Participants between 18-30 years of age who are passionate about discipleship & disciple-making and are keen for a deeper relationship with God are welcome.


Accommodation will change throughout the internship program.


Food will be commune style during the Trek and then vary the rest of the time. Intern needs to be able to know how to prepare food for himself/herself.


Interns are to fly into and out of South Africa (OR TAMBO - JNB) for the start and end of the Internship. Travel to and from South Africa is at their own cost.


No allergies/intolerance can be accommodated


All interns are responsible for obtaining any required visas. If letters are required OM will assist to obtain those.


***$1,000 USD - PER MONTH***
Costs may be lower depending on where the participants come from. Contact your local OM office for more information.

Good, conversational English is essential.

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