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Loving Elderly Ukrainian Jews - Rivne November

Reaching out to elderly Jews with the Gospel in cooperation with a local Messianic ministry.

Sharing the love of Christ with elderly Jews in Ukraine.The crisis and war have increased the price for food and groceries, so most retired people cannot afford quality living on their small pension. Many of them are too old and have reduced mobility, they need others to take care of them. This is an opportunity for you to practically show the love of Christ to the elderly Jewish people of Ukraine. It’s an amazing option to be a real blessing for the Jews who desperately need to be taken care of. Serving Jewish people is a great privilege as they are God’s chosen people, and you’re blessed for being a blessing to them.

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Married couples welcome
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Mon 9 Nov 2020 to Mon 16 Nov 2020
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640.00 USD
18 - 70
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You’ll be visiting with elderly Jewish people in their homes or an old age home. You will be able to share your faith with them through an interpreter. If so led you can also pray with and for them. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a local Jewish messianic fellowship Sabbath meeting. It’s a great opportunity to affect their lives and show the true and genuine love of Jesus Christ.

Participant profile

If you have a heart for Israel and want to make an impact in Jewish people’s lives, this mission trip is for you. You need to be open to any sort of practical work as you serve elderly Jews in their homes, and also to be as flexible as possible. Many Jewish people live in Ukraine, and many of them are in great need of love, care and attention.If you have a passion for Jewish people, this opportunity is definitely for you!


Will be provided. You’ll stay in a church, or at the OM offices.


All meals are included in the option. Expect good Ukrainian food. You will however need to bring your own snacks or pocket money to buy extras if you would like.


You need to fly to and from Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO), where our team will meet you. If at all possible, please plan to arrive at LWO before 14:00, since you still need to travel to the city of Rivne by bus or train.


Have to be in good health. We can unfortunately not cater for special diets. If you have special dietary needs and are willing to shop for and prepare food for yourself then you are more than welcome.


People from the EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea and Japan do not need a visa for visiting Ukraine up to 90 days. For those who need visas the application date is 8 weeks before the arrival date.
People from other nationalities have to apply for a visa. The visa must be obtained BEFORE leaving your home country. Ask at the consulate in your home country what is needed to obtain the visa. If you need an invitation letter, we can get this to you but please allow 2 months for this to be obtained and sent to you. The price for an invitation letter is 45 Euro (not included in the option price) We need full passport info, home address, church and church address info to get the invitation letter for you. Visa costs are not included in the campaign and must be paid separately.


Please take note that the maximum age limit on this option is not strict - but depends on the health of the applicant.

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