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Preparation training for Disaster Response Teams and internships.

The Disaster Response Training aims to give you an overview of the Disaster Preparedness and Response sectors, to build some transferable skill-sets, and to equip you to be a boost to any relief situation that you are involved with in the future.

We will cover subjects such as:
Humanitarian Principles,
Working as a Team in Emergencies,
Humanitarian Logistics,
Emergency Needs Assessments,
Decision Making in Emergencies,
Security and Communications,
Personal Travel Medicine,
Working with the UN / NGOs / Host Governments / the Media in Disasters.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Sorry, no groups
Mon 22 May 2023 to Sat 27 May 2023
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745.00 USD
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The Disaster Response Training is an intensive and challenging training simulation for professions such as health care, carpentry, finance, logistics, administration, construction, media / communications, counselling and more.

Participant profile

You must be minimum 21 years and be able to communicate in English.
You should have some months cross cultural experience abroad.


As part of this training you may need to be flexible during the disaster relief simulation.


As part of this training you may need to be flexible during the disaster relief simulation.


The venue where it takes place is 15 minutes away from the airport of Chang Mai, Thailand (CNX). Arrival/registration is Monday afternoon and we finish Saturday morning. We will send out detailed travel information to accepted participants before the training. You need to make your own way to and from the training center.


You should be in average good health and able to walk a reasonable distance without difficulty. You are responsible to obtain appropriate emergency health and medical insurance, covering you in Thailand, including for COVID-19.
It is your responsibility to check and adhere to COVID-19 regulations. These may change from the point of publishing (01JUN22) until your travel date, i.e. ThailandPass, insurance, vaccination and test requirements.


Many nationalities do not require a visa or receive a visa on arrival. It is your obligation to check with the Thai consulate in your country and obtain the necessary visa.


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