European Riverboat Tour

In joining the European Riverboat Tour, you will be part of a three-month test phase sailing down the Rhine River on a passenger river vessel, through the Netherlands, Germany and possibly other countries. Our desire is to reach out to the communities living alongside the rivers of Europe and challenge local Christians to reach out to the least reached. We also want to provide a platform to present Europe with the message of Christ.

During this three month tour, you will be involved as part of the vessel's crew in sailing down the rivers of Europe and reaching out to people with the message of Christ. During this time you will: Live and work in a Christian community, grow in your relationship with God through spiritual teaching and input, Experience some of the different countries and people within Europe, engage in a new pioneering ministry within an established mission agency.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
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Wed 27 Dec 2017 to Sat 31 Mar 2018
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3167.00 USD
18 - 30
Ministry details

On board the vessel we will have a number of features—
GLOBAL VILLAGE: This is an interactive simulation alerting Christians of the needs in the world and challenging them to respond. We will need a sizeable number of people to be involved as actors in this simulation for part of their time on board.
EVENT FACILITY: We anticipate running a number of conferences on board and will need people both to help organize and participate in these conferences.
SHOP/CAFETERIA: We will also run a retail outlet on board serving food and other items and will need people to run this facility and engage with the locals as they come on board.
SHIP UPKEEP AND MAINTENANCE: We will also need technical people to help with vessel maintenance, cleaning, food preparation and other tasks.

Participant profile

Participants should come with a passion to experience Europe and reach out to its people with the Christian message. They need to be ready to live in a community and willing to serve flexibly and wholeheartedly.


We anticipate at this stage that accommodation will be onboard the vessel in 2-berth cabins. More information will be given nearer the time as we identify the exact vessel that will be used for the European Tour.


Breakfast/lunch/supper will be served on board.


Participants need to arrange travel to Europe. We will provide details late 2017 of the arrival airport. Participants will be met on arrival at the airport. If possible, you should bring an International driving permit in case you need to drive a vehicle during the three months.


Participants need to be in good health.


All EU nationals can live and work on board with no restrictions. If you are from a non-EU country, but do not need a Schengen visa, then you will be permitted to enter the Schengen area for the duration of your time on the vessel. If you require further time in Europe, you will need to contact the embassy of the country you wish to visit for an extension. If you require a visa to enter the EU or EEA, we can provide you with an invitation letter. If you are coming as a non-EU citizen you will be asked to end your time with the project (and leave Europe) on 25th March 2018 to comply with visa regulations.


non-EU citizen you will be asked to end your time with the project (and leave Europe) on 25th March 2018 to comply with visa regulations.

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