##FULL## Africa Trek - An Adventure in Discipleship Phase 1 (May - August 2016)

A Missions outreach and Discipleship journey, providing an opportunity for believers to grow deeper in their faith, while reaching out to communities and churches in Africa.

A three month trek through southern Africa, assisting at various ministries that have been hand picked for maximum impact and discipleship opportunities.
Countries that MAY be visited (at least 4):
South Africa

Phase 1 is the initial 3 month Trek. If someone then desires, they can choose to also do Phase 2, but that is optional.
Phase 2 requires a total 1 year commitment starting with phase 1 (3 month Trek) and then serving the Africa Trek team in various ways for the next 9 months, which may include a second Trek.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Sun 15 May 2016 to Thu 4 Aug 2016
Apply by
Application closed
2825.00 USD
18 - 70
Ministry details

A full variety of ministries, which includes community development through practical work like building projects and skills training; ministering to communities with sports, youth work, and arts; evangelizing, preaching, and showing the Jesus film; serving the poor holistically and working with the church in Africa. Literature & Video Distribution, Traveling Teams, Community Projects/Social Action,etc.

Participant profile

If you are looking to grow deeper in your faith, be discipled, and desire to make an impact in God's Kingdom, OM Africa Trek is for you.


Accommodation will be basic but functional. Participants will sleep in tents. Depending on the location, accommodation might be provided through churches or local people's homes. 
Living with people from different cultures and backgrounds can be a challenge but also a great blessing as you learn from each other.


Be prepared to experience the wide diversity of the African cuisine in every country you travel to. 
You will be notified beforehand if tap water is clean to drink.
 If you have allergies to certain types of food, please notify us beforehand.


Please note that the below ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE airports might change. This will be communicated in plenty of time for participants to make travel arrangments.

Participants need to arrive in Johannesburg (JNB), South Africa, on 15 May, 2016 and if you are staying only for Phase 1, depart from Lusaka Intl Airport (Zambia) on 04 August 2016. Participants will be picked up at the airport in Johannesburg & dropped off at the airport in Lusaka. *IMPORTANT - PLEASE SEE GENERAL NOTES


Participants will be traveling a lot and will be helping through various physical activities and therefore need to be in good health.


All visa costs must be paid by the participant above the Cost and Currency stated above. Some participants may need to purchase their visas for certain countries before they arrive in Africa. Other visas may be able to be purchased at the border and participants will need to bring US$ with them to pay for the visa then. Trek team leaders will help with info for each country, but the responsibility is the participants.

The South African Department of Health has issued a statement that all returning travelers from South Africa to Zambia and travelers from Zambia to South Africa will now require proof of yellow fever vaccination. All in-transit passengers between the two destinations, irrespective of the time period in transit, will also require proof of yellow fever vaccination


If a Trek participant would like to stay in Kabwe, Zambia after the Trek for the Love Africa Conference which starts the day after the Trek ends, there will be normal conference charges that are in addition to Trek costs.

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