Bearing fruit through flexibility

written by OM International

A team from Logos Hope saw God work in incredible ways when an unexpected change in plans brought them to a small church in the northern Dominican Republic province of Samana.

“Everything turned out to be completely different from what we had been told to expect,” said Amy Strickland (USA), who explained that her team had prepared to teach an evening seminar on how to creatively share the gospel, but that they had instead been brought to a morning church meeting where they were responsible for the entire service. The team remained flexible despite the change, and crewmembers shared their stories and preached the gospel to many people in the community.

Amelia Vine (Wales) had spent one hour preparing for the seminar by practising sharing the gospel using a folded paper cross. She was disappointed that she could not teach it to people during the morning service. Nonetheless, when Amelia and two other crewmembers were given responsibility for the children at the church, she decided to share the gospel with the children using the method she had prepared. The kids loved seeing her fold the paper into a cross, and at the end of the demonstration, they asked her to teach it to them so that they could share it with other people. Amelia taught the children and then left the instructions with the adults at the church so that they could continue to practise the technique as a means to share the gospel with others in their community.

Stephen Eng (Canada) shared a message with the adults using his electrician's tools from his job on Logos Hope. Johannes Jaster (Belgium) and Dani Serrano (Colombia) each shared their personal stories. At the end of the service, an invitation was given for people to come to the front if they wanted to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. Five people came forward.

As the team was leaving, the pastor asked Stephen and Dani to pray for a man in a wheelchair who had been listening to the service at the back of the room. The two volunteers prayed for his health, and the next day the team received word that the man had been healed—he was out of his wheelchair and walking around.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Adriana Davila (Ecuador) speaks to children in the northern Dominican province of Samana.