A Concert of Prayer

written by Flora Man

Community members joined local believers in a concert of prayer on a Friday evening.

The worship and prayer night, led by OM Riverboat Onboard Director, Peter Nicoll, rallied the crowd of more than 200 people to pray over the revival of churches in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and extending to Europe and all nations. It was an encouraging sight to see the international riverboat and local Arnhem communities coming together of one heart and mind, shifting the attention from the needs of themselves to the needs of the world.

A special focus was shined on the current affairs happening in the world today including terror attacks and the appalling number of refugees. “For many people, it brings fear and anxiety, but it’s a tremendous opportunity for the gospel,” shared Peter. In the few days that the Riverboat is in Arnhem, Riverboat community members are already making connections with immigrants and refugees from the Middle East, both on the streets and in churches.

The worship band, made up of members from six different churches, played beautifully and led the congregation closer to God’s presence. People were on their knees, intercessing for the nations. “This is something where OM can really plug in – bringing different people together for a common purpose.” 

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