Constructing the vision

written by Brad Livengood

Construction has started on the new OM Malawi Training Centre and school. The centre will be used to equip, strengthen and encourage local OMers, pastors and youth leaders, in their own language, for the purpose of reaching out into their community and share the love of Christ.

Through the training, the team hopes to teach local church leaders that missions is not only the responsibility of the West but also of every believer. They also plan to equip local workers with practical job skills to earn income to support their families and train coaches to reach the youth of Malawi through sports.

According to OM Malawi Field Leader Muhandu Muhandu, some government schools in Malawi have over a 100-to-1 teacher-to-student ratio. The OM team plans to use this building to educate young people from grades 0-7 and provide one teacher for every 20 students.

OM Malawi seeks to see transformation in the community, churches and families as biblical principles and values are taught and modelled through the activities of the training centre and school. They also hope to accommodate outreach groups and students at the centre.

Currently the construction includes a fence around the property, two toilets and showers, a well, a culvert, house, outside kitchen, two store rooms, two classrooms and a carpentry workshop. The brickwork on all these buildings is complete. The next step is to erect the roofs. While much funding is still needed to complete the project, OM Malawi trusts the Lord to provide.

Please pray that the Lord’s will be done with the training centre and school for His glory and kingdom.

The foundation of a classroom at the new OM Malawi Ministry Centre.

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