The Samaritan woman

written by OM International

During the last outreach of Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) in South Africa, Nthableng (South Africa) and her teammates travelled to the small village of Welgeval, two hours from Pretoria. The focus of the outreach was to partner with the local church and help them equip church members to share the gospel. 

The team took time to walk around the village and get to know the area. As they walked, God showed Nthabeleng how the community had been abandoned and hurt by religious churches. She saw rebellious youth, mothers alone with the responsibilities of the household and men drinking endlessly in small bars. 

After getting acquainted with the area, the team took a walk through the dusty roads, searching carefully for homes to visit and share the good news. Nthabeleng glanced to her right and saw the door to a small shack slightly ajar. Knocking on the door, she met a woman who invited the team into her home. At first, they struggled to connect with the woman, but as they thanked her for her hospitality she gradually opened up. Nthabeleng, requesting a glass of water, asked the woman, “Do you know the story in the Bible of the Samaritan woman at the well?”

She nodded. “A woman from Samaria went to draw water. Jesus said to her, ‘Give me a drink.’”

Nthabeleng went on to tell her that moment reminded her of when the Samaritan woman gave Jesus water, and she asked the woman if she believed Jesus was in the home right then. Nodding, the woman grabbed her Bible and told the team she had contracted HIV from her husband, who had then abandoned her and her children. Despite this, she believed that Jesus was her only hope. Touched, the team finished the visit with prayer. 

Leaving the home, Nthabeleng realised that every community today has ‘Samaritan women’—those who are lost or alone—but still Jesus creates miraculous ways to meet them where they are.

Door to Door ministry in the village called Welgeval in Rustenburg, South Africa. A women opened her house and gave me water to drink.

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