The Secret That Can’t Be Kept

written by Flora Man

You may have been to an Escape Room game before, but surely you have not been to one set on a vessel.

The Agency is a first-of-its-kind interactive mission experience that’s set on top of OM’s newly-launched Riverboat. Inspired by ideas from a popular real-life game known as ‘Escape Room’, The Agency is a simulation where participants will race against time as they try to break out of locked rooms by gathering clues and solving puzzles. Through it, participants will discover a secret that can’t be kept.

“This experience is the focus of the Riverboat,” explained David Svenson (Sweden), who oversees the artistic direction of The Agency. “We are taking the parable and giving it a modern twist. It’s telling a story about the gospel which then motivates and mobilises people to share it with the least-reached.”

The concept of The Agency can be summed up in three words – recruited, trained and sent. It’s the same process that Christians go through to eventually be sent by God and carry out the great commission. “This is a powerful ministry tool that can empower youths and serve churches,” added Team leader, Samuel Renling (Sweden).  

Lots of challenges and planning went into The Agency - technical aspects to ensure that the structure meets safety requirements (made tougher when it's set on a moving vessel), artistic aspects to create an eye-opening experience for participants, and many others. Lots of practical help and donations came along to transform the idea to reality.

Before The Agency was opened to public, some community members went through a trial run of the simulation to iron out the kinks. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were impressed at the high quality of the production. “It was really cool, I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Melissa Thiessen (Canada).

Visit to find out when The Agency is coming to a city near you in the Netherlands, Germany or France and register online. Discover the secret that can’t be kept.

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