“I’m scared, you’re scared, Let’s go out and and be scared together.”

Crewmember, Richard Sharp’s (USA) slogan for his teams going out to share the gospel through the ‘One Wish’ story is honest and succinct. Indeed it’s an uncomfortable thing to head onto the streets of Europe and talk with strangers.

“When you step out of your comfort zone, it makes you alive!” shared Richard. “The moment when I pray my most simple prayer, “Help, Lord”, that’s when I feel alive.”

The simple prayer brought forth situations that surprised the first team who went out to share. All gospel flyers were given out with no rejections, and two men even said a prayer of taking God’s hand of friendship. The first time it happened, Richard couldn’t stop questioning himself with, “Did that just happen?” That was the first person he talked to after stepping off the boat; he had spotted the young man sitting in a car from afar.

“Hello, can I wish you a Happy New Year, and here’s something for you to read.” As the conversation led on, the man’s heart softened. Initially, he seemed to be listening out of politeness but as Richard explained further, he was genuinely touched by God’s hope to build a friendship with him. “This is special, you’re special, thank you so much.” he said to Richard.

Richard, who is onboard the Riverboat for a month with his wife, Rachel, will be equipping people to make friends and share their Best Friend, Jesus Christ. His training doesn’t stop at Riverboat crewmembers, he also hopes to work with local churches and take church teams out to practice befriending on the streets. 

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